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We are sure that all men have definitely seen Chantall in some photography in some fashion catalogs, because her previous job to that of the escort was the bikini model, and Chantall was one of the most paid models in the world.

Chantall one day decided to change her life entirely and to follow a voice that spoke from inside her heart and told her that Chantall had only to pursue her right instinct and use her body to feel pleasure and to make a lot of money.

That’s why the wonderful Chantall has become one of the most famous escorts in Amsterdam and our top Amsterdam escort. Chantall has a stunning body, able to excite even a dead man, a natural and delicate beauty, a natural attitude to photography and passion, and she is always kind and smiling with all the customers. Her higher education is the main feature of the beautiful Chantall, and all customers love her character, and for them, Chantall is not only an escort but a friend, a sister, a real haven of salvation in a stressful world and entirely devoid of love.

Also, seeing the beautiful Chantall wearing a sexy bikini is a breathtaking experience, comparable only to looking at Michelangelo who sculpts the David.

Chantall is an experience that can change your life, and she is perfect for men who want only the best beauty and really appreciate the education.


For Chantall, food is not only a pleasure, but also a way to meet new people and spend a pleasant evening, and she loves the Italian pasta restaurant “Pasta Pasta,” where she can eat lasagne alla bolognese, her favorite dish. If you want to experience a legendary evening, just book a table, and the wonderful Chantall will be delighted to be your guest in the Italian restaurant.


Chantall loves the city of Amsterdam a lot, and she is always available for city tours and to accompany customers in each location. At this time of year, she loves to visit the De Pijp district, one of the most particular areas of Amsterdam, but Chantall also loves shopping in the fashionable shops of the city center to buy new clothes, shoes and to get excited by wearing fantastic bikinis.


Do you want to touch the body of Chantall, feel her nipples in your mouth and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of? You just have to pick up the phone and book a sexual encounter with her in the Asterisk hotel presidential suite, and Chantall will show you why she is our queen of escorts on a night that you will tell all your friends for a lifetime.

Chantall loves the clean man a lot, she hates the sweat, and the escort performs sex only with a condom.

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