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The beautiful Selena is one of the best girls in our agency, and we are very proud of her. Selena is our escort specializing in sensual massages of all kinds, and only she can wipe away the stress and pain from a man’s body in seconds without using drugs or drugs.

Selena is an expert in all the arts of massage, such as oriental massage, yoga, sexual massage, oil massage, and lingam massage.

Selena loves to sprinkle with oil and rub her body on the client’s body and excite him, take the penis in hand and gently massage it and feel the excitement in the air. The customer is always satisfied with Selena’s work, and she always knows what to do to make a person happy.

The lingam massage is her specialty and is perhaps the best sex preliminary in the world. In this type of massage Selena focuses on the client’s penis to make him excited, and at the end of the massage, Selena performs the best handjob in the world, to bring the client to a beautiful orgasm and to cancel all the negative stress and thoughts, giving health and a lot of well-being.

Selena is a professional, and all her massages are highly practical, and she wants to share them with all the customers to improve their lives.

Selena is the perfect escort for those looking for a woman who can eliminate stress and negativity from their lives in no time.


Selena loves seafood very much, and her favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is definitely “The Seafood Bar,” one of the city’s best seafood restaurants. Book your table immediately at this restaurant, and spend a pleasant evening with the beautiful Selena. She will wear a fantastic evening dress bought just for you, and she will be magnificent and sensual.


Selena knows every place of Amsterdam to perfection and is a perfect tour guide if you want to observe the particular sites of Amsterdam from a very different perspective. For example, you can visit the Madame Tussauds Museum along with Selena, and she will tell you the story of each character with extreme precision.

Selena is also available for opera, cinema and theater evenings, for sporting events such as football matches and for your business dinners, where it will talk about investing in the stock market with your bosses.


Do you want to have sex with Selena and have a lingam massage? Perfect, Selena loves having sex and massaging clients when she is in the right location, which is the best suite at the West Side Inn Amsterdam.

Relax and feel the Selena massage on your body and the magic of the lingam, and you’ll be ready to have sex all night without stress and negative thoughts.

Selena has to wash before and after sex, and our policy imposes the use of condoms.

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