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The sensational Anays is one of the most experienced escorts of our agency, she is 24 years old and has a lot of experience in the field, and this experience makes her our veteran of sex. Anays is a girl able to better manage every request of all customers, including those of double penetration and lesbian sex and make porn scenes inspired by movies with Rocco Siffredi or Ron Jeremy.

Anays has a perfect body, a natural talent in oral sex and an incredible technique thanks to her lips and her tongue, which she uses to tickle the man’s glans and immediately bring it to orgasm. A client described Anays’ blowjob as a vacuum cleaner, an experience that must be absolutely proven and that words can not really explain, an experience to be done at least once before dying.

The sensational Anays is very proud of her talent in oral sex and often tries to teach her tricks to other girls or friends and is always available for triangles with other girls and group blowjobs. Anays is the teacher and shows how to do, and other women try to imitate her style, but it’s really very difficult because Anays has a special talent for sucking big cocks, and some things can not be taught.

Anays is perfect for lovers of oral sex and for those who really want to understand the emotions that a good blowjob can give in a man. Anays also knows how to lick the vagina beautifully, so it can also satisfy women.


Anays has a particular passion for Italian food, and her favorite restaurant is “Locanda” in the center of Amsterdam. In this restaurant, you can eat authentic Italian food and drink fine Chianti. Instantly book a table for a romantic dinner with Anays in this famous place, and the girl will enlighten her ticks with the mouth and mimic a blowjob with a sausage to get you excited.


Anays is fascinated by the city of Amsterdam, and every occasion is good for walking in the streets of the Dutch capital. You can book Anays for a personal tour of the town and visit the Royal Palace, and the beautiful Anays will be dressed better than a queen, with a seductive dress and a magnificent pair of high-heeled shoes bought just for you.


If you want an Anays blowjob and have wild sex all night with her, then you have to book a suite in a warm and comfortable hotel like the Hotel Tourist Inn. Anays will arrive on time in your suite with sexy lingerie and wearing what you want and can show off her talent and make blowjobs with cream, honey or natural, and ride in the position of the reverse cowgirl.

Anays wants to wash your cock personally before sex, and the escort does not perform oral sex without condoms.

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