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If you are thinking of becoming an escort and want more information, then welcome to our girlscompanionamsterdam.com casting page, where you will find all the information you need to know if you can become our new great escort.

We have collected all the casting related FAQs, and we have all the answers ready for you.


Who we are?

Girlscompanionamsterdam is the best escort agency in Amsterdam and the whole Netherlands. Our job is to discover the most beautiful girls and select the best escorts for all our customers. We are continually looking for girls that meet our beauty and attitude requirements, and on this page, you can submit your application.


How much money can I make working as an escort?

A lot of money. Our top class escorts manage to earn tens of thousands of euros every day, and their earnings have nothing to envy to those of dentists and lawyers. Our girls do not have a fixed salary, and many of your earnings will depend on your success with our customers. Once we retain our percentage (the lowest on the market), everything else will be your profit. Every girl can perform extra services to earn more money, but it’s up to you. The additional services can be anal sex, foot fetish, French kissing and cumshot on various parts of the body.

What services does an escort offer?

Our agency has three different services: the restaurant service, the city tour, and the hotel service. In the first service, the chosen escort will dine with the customer in a famous restaurant in Amsterdam, chosen by the customer. In the second service, you can visit a place in Amsterdam with the selected girl, like a monument, a square or even a social event, like a rock concert, a theater show or a business meeting. In the third service, you can have sex with the girl in the hotel. Our girls are only used to the best, and for this reason, they will only have sex in the best hotels in Amsterdam.


How can I send my application?

You must complete the form below with all your data, and attach photos. It is not mandatory to send naked images (although it can help), but we must see your face and your body. We also want to know something about your character and why you think you can aspire to this job. The selection will be rigorous. We have an excellent reputation, and we want to defend it at all costs. Only the best girls will become part of our escort directory. Be creative, be hot and kinky, attract our attention in some way, and we will examine you carefully.


Do you have any special requirements?

Our girls must be of age and have a lean and toned body that can push customers to pay for sex with that girl. Our escorts must be very polite and able to have pleasant conversations with all customers on many topics. Education is a fundamental requirement. Also, great care of the person is required.

This work is not simple, it requires professionalism and a great aptitude for sex, even with people who are not interested in doing so. Our girls can refuse some customers, but only for reasonable reasons. Our policy does not oblige girls to accept certain types of sexual services if they are not comfortable.


What are the advantages of being an escort?

The escort is a job that guarantees many clients every month, and the possibility of earning a lot of money, much more than working as a teacher or secretary. Furthermore, all our girls dine in luxury restaurants and have sex in prestigious hotels. Customers give many expensive gifts (shoes, clothes, jewelry, smartphones) and take our girls on trips around the world or throughout Europe.

Working as an escort, you will be able to enjoy life and sex altogether, and you will never get bored. You will make money, you will live a life on vacation, and all women will envy you.

What is your health policy?

Every girl of ours is continuously monitored by a doctor to ensure her health and that of her clients, with regular blood tests. At the time of the interview, recent blood tests are required. Every girl of ours has orders to have sex with condoms only, and oral sex is included. No exceptions to this rule. Customers who insist on having sex without a condom must be reported to the staff. The only exception is the cumshot if the girl is interested in doing so.


I sent the application, what should I do?

Our staff will evaluate your application, and we will reply. If successful, you will be contacted for an interview. You have to be aware that you could strip yourself during the, and we will have to ask you questions of a sexual nature. If successful, you will be contacted to enter our escort directory officially.

In case of refusal do not despair, we will tell you what has not convinced us, and you can submit your application again later.


Will my privacy be protected?

Of course, you will choose a stage name, and only we will be aware of your identity. But you will have to show your face in the site’s photographs.


Do not hesitate to send us your application if you think you are the next great escort on our site!