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Welcome to the new reference portal for those who want to find only the best Amsterdam escorts,

The city of Amsterdam is one of the European capitals of transgression, and every year millions of tourists go to the town to experience unique experiences, such as the red light district tour, visit the museums of porn history and try different drugs in the cafes shop.

Amsterdam’s nightlife is one of the most important in Europe, with clubs always full of people, music, a beautiful atmosphere and lots of girls who want to know about boys.

Amsterdam is, therefore, the ideal location for those looking for an adventure-based only on the tragedy, without limits and without the fear of being judged.

Our goal was to create the best agency of hot Amsterdam escorts to satisfy the desires of all our customers and to do so we thought about what could make us different than all our competitors.

Our offer had to be unique and based on the quality of our proposal, and this meant beautiful girls, blonde and brunettes, from all over Europe.

Italian, Dutch, German, French, English girls from beautiful Prague born in Amsterdam, all ready to satisfy every customer’s desires in the best way, professionally and guaranteeing maximum privacy.

Our girls do not work in the red light district or nightclubs, they are not regular escorts, but they are only the top hot Amsterdam escorts, and our customers know that our girls can only be found in our agency. They are professionals 24/7, and their only job is to make a customer happy.

We know well that our clients have different sexual fantasies and so we have selected our girls according to various parameters, which are the beauty, the attitude to work, and the desire to satisfy all the wishes of the client in all circumstances.

The selection process has been very long and challenging, but we are proud to have selected the top 20 top-class Amsterdam Escorts, and each of our girls is always ready to satisfy every customer in every circumstance.

Our girls offer three services to customers: Restaurant Service, City Tour, and Hotel Service. Services are of a sexual or accompanying nature.

Our Amsterdam Restaurant Service will allow you to spend a pleasant evening with one of our girls in a restaurant in Amsterdam to have an intimate dinner.

Every girl has a favorite restaurant but can adapt to customer requests, but none of our escorts wants to dine in a fast-food restaurant, a pizzeria, or a cheap restaurant. Our girls are used to having only the best and to eat in extremely luxurious restaurants.

The rules for this service are few and straightforward. Our policy gives us the right to prohibit this service to all customers who deliberately ignore them.

The rules for using the Amsterdam Restaurant Service are as follows:

– Girls do not have to pay for dinner. The customer will pay the account. For no reason the girls have to pay, they also do not bring cash with them. Make sure you can spend it before using the service.

– Girls can wear seductive evening dresses and shoes with heels, sensual underwear and pantyhose to meet the client’s tastes, and can wear clothes bought with the client for the occasion. However, girls do not like dressing in a flashy and vulgar way in a restaurant. We invite customers not to ask to wear indecent clothes and to respect the dress code of the place. The escort cannot be forced to wear something she does not want, for any reason.

– The cleaning of the client must be maximum, and suitable clothing is required for the restaurant.

– The service of Amsterdam Restaurant Service is not about sexual services but only to escort and have a pleasant evening. Clients should not attempt to obtain sexual services with this service, and must subsequently agree on it with the agency staff. People who try to force girls into sexual relations or who take non-professional and disrespectful attitudes will be reported to the authority.

– The girls can order what they want in the restaurant, without any limit.

– Girls can receive calls or messages from the staff to find out how the evening is going. This security procedure does not apply to regular customers.

– The restaurants included in this service are all those in the city of Amsterdam.

– The customer can not withdraw the girl from her home or the agency’s headquarters in his car. The girl must arrive at the restaurant with a taxi paid by the client and go back at the end of the evening in the same way.

– Girls can converse on any subject, but the client can not talk about erotic matters unless the conversation has started with our escort.

– Prepayment. The agency can withhold payment if the customer violates one or more rules.

These rules are essential to ensure quality service and protect the safety of our girls.

Our second service is the Amsterdam City Tour, the service that will allow you to spend a day in the city of Amsterdam together with one of our escorts to visit some of the unique places in the town or to participate in social events.

Every girl can be booked for any location, but each of them has a favorite place, even if they can quickly adapt to customer requests.

Here are the rules of this service. Ignoring the rules will prevent customers from subsequently using the service.

– The girl can buy what she wants during the tour, especially if you go shopping with the customer. The customer must pay all the expenses of the day.

– Each girl can choose the best clothing according to the context, trying to satisfy the customer’s requests. Every girl will not wear vulgar and flashy clothes if the context is not suitable. The customer who insists on inappropriate clothing will not be able to use this service and all the others of our agency.

– The service can be postponed in case of prohibitive weather conditions without any additional cost.

– The girls will reach the place chosen by taxi, paid by the customer.

– The service is valid in the city of Amsterdam, and it is not allowed to go out of town.

– The girl has to send messages to the staff to update the situation. A rule that does not apply to regular customers.

– The girls can also accompany the guests to theater evenings, business dinners, concerts, and cinema, with payment by the client.

– The service of Amsterdam City Tour is not about sexual services but only to escort and have a pleasant day. Clients should not attempt to obtain sexual services with this service, and must subsequently agree on it with the agency staff. People who try to force girls into sexual relations or who take non-professional and disrespectful attitudes will be reported to the authority.

– Prepayment. The agency can withhold payment if the customer violates one or more rules.

The third service is our leading service, and that is what customers appreciate most. The service is of a sexual nature and is called Amsterdam Hotel Service.

In this service, the escort will reach the client in a hotel, and you can have sex for a certain period with one of our girls in complete privacy and with the possibility to wash and without danger.

This service has very stringent rules to ensure the safety of girls. Ignoring these rules will prevent the customer from being reimbursed, that he can meet one of our girls again, and, in the most severe cases, the client will be reported to the authorities.

Here are the rules of the service:

– The hotel must be luxurious, at least four stars. The service is not valid for hostels and Bed & Breakfast.

– Every girl has a favorite hotel but can adapt to customer needs. The important thing is that the hotel is at least four stars.

– The girl will arrive at the hotel with a taxi paid by the customer, and our escorts are professionals who can protect the privacy of the customer.

– The girl can order food and drinks with room service, and the customer will pay for everything.

– Sexual performance must be agreed previously and is not allowed to try to do anything that has not been already approved, such as providing extra money for anal sex.

– It is not allowed to take photos and videos during sexual performance. The girl will never give her consent, and it is a severe violation of privacy, which will be reported to the authorities.

– The client will agree with the girl the performance and the number of hours. In these hours, you can have numerous sexual relationships.

– Protection is essential, and our escorts only have sex with a condom. Every girl always has a condom box in her purse, or they can use those supplied by the client. A sealed condom pack is required. The brand of condoms must be of first quality, like Durex, and cannot be reused. A condom for each sex.

– The performance to do with the chosen escort must be previously agreed with the girl and our staff, and the companion must give her written consent to everything. It is not possible to ask for further performances once everything has been agreed.

– Our girls are available in many sexual activities, but each of them has limits and personal tastes. Some do not like anal, or cumshot, or are not available for lesbian shows. The client must read each girl’s profile and respect her limits without forcing her to do something she does not want. Incorrect behavior will be reported to the authorities.

– The girl will stay with the client for the agreed time. It is not possible to ask for further time after the girl has entered the room.

– During the trip to the hotel, our girls can wear sexy but not vulgar clothes. Once you enter the room, and in complete privacy, our girls can wear any type of outfit and have sex with unique accessories, such as shoes with heels, suspenders or sensual lingerie.

– The girls do not offer sadomasochistic services and violent physical contact. Any attempt at sex sadomasochism will give us the right to withhold the payment and will be reported as sexual violence.

– Girls can participate in orgies with more men, with men and women, or in situations with two escorts and one client. These situations must be discussed with the girl and the staff. In the case of an orgy with two men, double penetration is not guaranteed.

We invite all customers to comply with these rules to ensure the safety of girls and to take advantage of excellent service.

We invite all our customers to continually visit our site because we are always looking for hot Amsterdam Escort to be included in our catalog, and our list is constantly updated.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, the perfect location for those who really want to transgress, and we at GirlsCompanionAmsterdam know the ideal partners for those who want only the best.

For any questions or needs, please contact us.

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