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Anemona is one of our most appreciated and lovely escorts, she is loved by many customers every week and has an activity always full of bookings. Anemona is like a flower, beautiful and very delicate, elegant and sensual, with a beautiful smile that warms every heart and a look full of passion and desire.

When we saw Anemona for the first time, we were speechless, and we immediately realized that she was a jewel, an incredible talent and a pillar of our agency. The girl is very polite and professional, and she is able to accompany every customer on a journey into fantasy, pleasure, and lust, adapting to every request, even the strangest and proposing new ideas and erotic games, such as oral sex with erotic food or porn selfie.

Anemona is also appreciated for her discretion, she is almost invisible and excellently protects the privacy of the client in all circumstances, and every man knows that Anemona is a keeper of all their secrets and that she will never reveal them to anyone. Anemoma has earned the trust of all the agency staff and customers for these great qualities and a strong work ethic, and we are sure that the beautiful Anemona will still have many customers for many years.

She is suitable for those who want a polite and kind girl for the whole night.


Anemona’s favorite restaurant is the Sherpa Restaurant, a place that serves Tibetan ethnic food in Amsterdam, and she wants to eat it at least once a week. Book a table in the restaurant for yourself and for the seductive Anemona, and we can guarantee that you will live a wonderful evening and that she will create the perfect atmosphere for intimate confidences and to create an atmosphere of incredible complicity.


The beautiful Anemona knows that she must always study her competitor to still be the best escort in the city and so she loves to walk around the Red Light District and observe the girls, their clothes and think of new ways to excite men.

If you want to live a fascinating experience, do not waste any more time and book a Red Light District tour with the beautiful Anemona, and this tour will be exciting, and you’ll see things from a different point of view.


Sex with Anemona is an incredible experience, it is the closest thing to paradise, and every customer counts the hours that separate him from the next meeting with Anemona. Do not waste any more time and book a night of sex with her in a suite of the Hotel Ibis. Anemona always has time for her best customers and will still be available to have sex as you wish.

Anemona loves cleaning, a scented bed and she works only with condoms.

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