About Aniela

Aniela is one of our new escorts, but she is already very famous, and all our customers love it! Aniela has a ballerina dance background, both classical and modern, and all the sport has allowed the girl to have a fabulous body, thin, toned, with long legs and an elegant gait.

Aniela moves following the rhythm of the music that is inside the blood, a sensual, delicate, enveloping music that allows the marvelous dancer to be unique in the world. Aniela moves walking towards the customer with feeble steps, like a cat, seductively moving the hips, a real model, each step is full of passion and desire and can excite even the most frigid man in the world.

Aniela can dance at any moment and improvise the hottest striptease in the story on every music. Her favorite music is romantic because Aniela can move sensually and show her skills as a belly dancer.

Aniela said that when she is dancing, she can be the person she wants to be, a tornado of passion and live a life full of music and love. Music is the favorite way Aniela uses to seduce all kinds of men, and if you have a stereo at home, then Aniela will be happy.

Aniela is perfect for the man who seeks seduction and elegance, for those who love music and creativity.


Aniela is a dancer and has a rigorous diet, but she can always make an exception to meet a client in the De Blauwe Hollander restaurant, a perfect restaurant for those who want to eat healthy and nutritious food. Book a table immediately, and Aniela will be the best company for your evening.


Aniela loves walking and jogging to be fit, and for this reason, she is always available for a tour of Amsterdam. You can visit parks, monuments and places with her, such as the Leidseplein district, with street performers and real entertainment. Aniela can dance in public and enchant all people with her class, and you will see Amsterdam from a completely different perspective.


If you want to have sex with Aniela, you have to make sure you have created the perfect atmosphere. Aniela loves having sex in complete privacy, and the Savoy Hotel suite is ideal for her.

Aniela will arrive on time and dance for you all night long, with Caribbean dances, belly dancing, erotic stripping and dancing with your dick in many sexual positions.

Aniela is a real dancer, make sure you have good music in the room, and she will take care of everything else.

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