About Barbara

Barbara is our best blonde escort, an authentic hurricane of pleasure and sensuality ready to overwhelm all customers with energy and passion.

Barbara is very professional and creative, ready to 100% collaborate to realize all the fantasies of customers, even the strangest and most extreme. Fantasies of domination, girlfriend experience, fetish, special attire, Barbara is 100% available to do everything the customer wants. The only limit for Barbara is the client’s imagination.

Barbara has a beautiful body, trained and tonic, with a beautiful breast, flat stomach, long legs, and a firm and firm ass. Barbara loves to show her body to excite customers, our escort is really an exhibitionist, who likes to be observed and the thought of creating erections is a drug for her.

Barbara is always collaborative with clients and loves to plan everything that will happen in bed. She is not a lover of improvisation and loves to create a sequence of excellent erotic games, Barbara is like an actress, who perfectly follows the script, and up to now, no client has ever complained about her talent and her skills.

Barbara is a perfect woman for those who like to plan the whole day, for organized people who do not like improvisation and have a clear idea of sex in mind. Barbara is the perfect escort for you.


The best way to get to know the beautiful Barbara is to have an intimate dinner in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Barbara loves luxury and good food, so do not take her to McDonald’s or a simple pizzeria. A restaurant like Gartine is perfect, because it is an exclusive, luxurious venue, and the food is excellent.

Barbara will be impressed by the beautiful evening and will wear a beautiful dress just for you, which will show off her body, and that will excite you a lot. Barbara also loves eating food in a very erotic way, especially sausages, you have to see it!


Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and you can visit it in an entirely original way with the fabulous Barbara. You can accompany you in every room in the historic center. You can visit the Rijksmuseum with Barbara, and she will amaze you with her culture.

Barbara is not only a beautiful body, but she is also a first level brain, intelligent, ironic and cultured, Barbara is the total package of the escorts.


If you want to have sex with Barbara, you have to prepare a perfect location, which is one of the best hotel suites in Amsterdam, the Hotel Not. The room you book must be warm and spacious, and Barbara will arrive wearing high heels, sexy lingerie, excellent make-up and she will be ready to give you the best orgasms of your life.

Barbara uses only the high-quality Durex condom, and she loves cleaning very much. She wants to take a shower before and after sex and appreciates the shaved and perfumed man.

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