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Beatrice was the legendary woman loved by Dante Alighieri and made immortal by the words of the poet. Our Beatrice is an equally immortal creature thanks to her body and to the perfection of her ass.

Beatrice is indeed a force of nature that loves to live every day as if it were the last and never have regrets. Beatrice has arrived in our agency with excellent references and with the reputation of being one of the best escorts in the whole of Holland, and we of the agency can say that every word said about Beatrice is 100% true.

Beatrice merely is beautiful, she has an incredible ass, perfectly round and that only a privileged few can have the right to touch and kiss, long legs, a pleasant smile and hair as black as night. Our beautiful escort is a real energy shock for every person tired of living and bored of the daily routine. Beatrice is ready to upset every life like a hurricane with the power of love and passion.

Beatrice’s price is high, but the girl is indeed a legend, she’s perfect, an exemplary professional who loves her job and wants every customer’s satisfaction with powerful orgasms up to the last drop of hot cum.

Beatrice is always ready for people who desired adrenaline rush in their lives and who detest boredom and everyday life. For this kind of people, the answer to all the problems is the beautiful Beatrice.


An elegant and creative way to get to know Beatrice is to invite her to eat excellent fish in one of the best restaurants in Europe, the Visaandeschelde. In the restaurant, you can have a private conversation with the beautiful Beatrice and understand that she is a very skilled person in every kind of discussion and you will learn to love her from the first moment.


Beatrice was not born in Amsterdam but has lived here for ten years, and in this time she has never stopped exploring it and discovering new locations. If you want to visit every unique place in Amsterdam, like the Jordaan district and learn all its secrets, then you can do it with the beautiful Beatrice.

Our escort will always be with you in every place and event of the city with an outfit suitable for the occasion, a beautiful smile and only one goal: make you happy for the whole afternoon.


Are you impatient to have sex with Beatrice and check if her reputation is true?

Beatrice does not want to have sex in a car or a modest house. She is used to the comfort of the best suite in the Hotel Notting Hill Amsterdam. She will arrive on time at your door wearing a sexy dress, high heels and no panties, and from the first moment, you will be incredibly excited.

She is Beatrice, and thanks to her you will really see Heaven for the first time.

Beatrice is extraordinarily professional and requires the possibility of taking showers and using soap before and after the sex. Furthermore, condom use is mandatory.

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