About Clarice

Clarice is one of our historic escorts; she is with us since day one and customers love her. Clarice is a woman with a great deal of experience in sex and can make a man happy in just a few seconds.

Clarice has a legendary body, a natural talent for sex and a great experience that allows her to satisfy every desire within a few minutes and immediately understand what the client wants from her. Our beautiful escort is always cheerful and wants to live a wonderful and unforgettable life, and for her, the best way is to be paid for sex with very kind and polite people.

Clarice is a woman who likes to be dominated in bed, and she appreciates a lot when the man takes the initiative and begins to choose positions and have sex at a breakneck pace. She reaches the pinnacle of lust and pleasure when the client starts having sex with a long doggy style, and Clarice wants that position to be the one leading man to the final orgasm. Clarice loves long and intense sex, for her the minimum time to have a couple of orgasms is one hour, and she is not afraid to be with an all night long man.

For our escort there is only one priority: reach the height of pleasure and total orgasm on every occasion.

She is perfect for the man who looks for a submissive woman and who loves prolonged sex in doggy style.


Clarice loves food very much, especially Dutch food, and she eats in the best restaurants in Amsterdam at least three times a week, and at the moment she loves the Krua Thai Classic restaurant because she has only recently discovered Thai food.

If you want to make a good impression with Clarice, you must immediately book a table at this restaurant, and she will love the evening that you will spend with you.


Clarice loves to transgress and break the rules. Our escort loves Amsterdam’s nightlife and the possibility to visit the famous coffee shops, like The Bulldog. If you want to visit the most famous coffee shop in the city, you must book a tour with the beautiful Clarice, and she will show you all the most transgressive clubs in the city, and you must know that she loses the inhibitory brakes when she transgresses very much.


Are you ready for a long marathon of sex with the beautiful Clarice? If you have the necessary resistance, then book a suite at the OZO Amsterdam hotel right away to allow you and Clarice to spend an evening in complete privacy.

Clarice will be ready to be dominated by you, and you can make love with her in doggy style all evening until you reach your physical and mental limit.

Clarice is a woman who loves clean rooms and a shaved man. Sex is authorized only with the use of condoms.

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