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Claudia is a girl that you can only find in two places: our agency or the nearest gym! Our beautiful blonde escort is a girl who is passionate about fitness and who loves spending her free time in the gym to train with yoga, CrossFit, abs, weightlifting, and cardio fitness to have an incredible body and to be toned and with perfect health.

Claudia loves training because it is a healthy way to eradicate stress, burn off excess calories and train to get enough stamina to have sex in a wild and athletic way, the way Claudia really loves. Our escort is always looking for new methods of training and does not own a car, but only a bicycle and can travel enormous distances.

Claudia loves her job, and all customers love her body and her stamina, she’s never tired, and she’s never sweaty because her training is beneficial and Claudia can have sex all night long without ever stopping. The blonde escort has an incredible body and always looks for new training partners to push herself to the limits of her mind and body every single time.

Claudia is also training in Jujitsu, and nobody can stop this blond hurricane!

Claudia is perfect for men who are athletic, and for those who are not afraid of a girl with unlimited energy and really very athletic.


Claudia is passionate about fitness, and she follows a diet designed by a professional nutritionist but can dine on some occasions in some carefully selected restaurants, such as the restaurant “Italia Oggi,” because Italian food is perfect for her diet.

Book a table at this restaurant immediately to be able to have your intimate evening with the beautiful Claudia, to eat 100% Italian food and to really know a particular escort.


Claudia loves walking and jogging in the city of Amsterdam, and every opportunity is perfect for training and traveling many miles. For example, you can book a tour with Claudia and walk all the Bloemenmarkt, the flower market on the floating platform. Claudia will wear a sporty dress but at the same time exquisite and will love to walk the streets of Amsterdam with you.


Sex with Claudia is a really intense experience, it is a really intense physical training, and you have to be ready to do anything to meet Claudia’s standards. Book a room in the Hotel Volkshotel immediately and get ready for a marathon of sex and pleasure that will drain all your energy and become your training routine thanks to the fitness fan Claudia.

Claudia loves cleaning, and she wants to take a shower with moisturizing soap after every sexual intercourse.

Condom use is mandatory.

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