About Francesca

An old legend tells that the Gods were determined to create a perfect being that embodies the best of all talent, with a stratospheric beauty and a natural charisma, a superior person, a demigod, able to become a real guide for human beings.

The Gods could not create a perfect being because perfection does not exist, but Divinities were wrong, and Francesca is the ideal being generated by the Gods to become the guide of us mortals.

Francesca is genuinely a woman from another planet; she is a Goddess who has come to us to save us from a dull and banal life and to make us all happy with her skills. Our escort is perfect for any man, and every customer cannot live without her after spending a night of sex with the divine Francesca.

Francesca has a particular charisma, she loves life, and her job a lot and the Goddess can immediately understand what to do to make a man happy. Only the best people can have the great honor of helping Francesca to give sensational orgasms to those who want it.

The Gods are proud of their invention, and Francesca has sworn to help all people find the perfect orgasm and spend the best evening of their lives.

Francesca is perfect for people who love perfection and for those who want to look at a Goddess in the face.


Francesca loves food very much, and at this moment her favorite restaurant is “Casa Sabatelli,” a very famous Italian restaurant. If you want to know Francesca personally you have to book a table in this restaurant, and she will be a perfect company for your evening, and you can talk about any topic. The Goddess is a skilled conversationalist, and she will amaze you with her high intelligence.


Only the city of Amsterdam is worthy of the beautiful goddess Francesca, and she loves to walk the main streets of the town and notice the looks of every man on her body. Francesca likes to provoke people a lot, and she can make a tour of Amsterdam exciting in a way never seen before.

Do you want to try? For example, Francesca can accompany you to the zoological park Artis and unleash a wave of eroticism never before seen thanks only to her presence.

Francesca can take you to a new dimension, and Amsterdam will never be the same again.


Everyone wants to have sex with Francesca, but only a few people can have this honor. If you want to be one of the privileged few you should book a suite in a luxurious hotel, like the Hotel Ecomama, and Francesca will enter your room like a real Goddess, and she will be ready to give birth to a night of sex that will be unforgettable.

Francesca has to take a shower before and after sex, and she wants the use of condoms.

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