About Miriam

Miriam’s family is wealthy and open-minded and has fully supported Miriam’s decision to work for our agency as an escort. Miriam is gorgeous, elegant and polite, and has a lot of money. She does not do this job to make money, to live in luxury and to have power. These are all things she already has in abundance, Miriam has chosen to become the best escort in Amsterdam just to have chills of pleasure every day, for looking for unique and unrepeatable emotions and to live a life full of passion and adventure.

Miriam is terrified of boredom and routine, she loves meeting new people, experiencing memorable erotic adventures, having sex in a violent, passionate, uncontrollable way every single time and giving pleasure. These adrenaline rush are essential for the beautiful Miriam, and every time she tries to overcome every limit thanks to her perversion and creativity.

Miriam loves to improvise in bed, take the initiative and dominate the client, she wants physical contact, strong emotions and exchange of souls, Miriam gives her soul to every man and wants her name to be remembered forever as a professional escort, a real angel and an example of behavior for all.

The beautiful Miriam is always waiting for new experiences and new customers, if you love the unexpected, the physical contact and the adrenaline you have just found your favorite escort, the beautiful Miriam, the thrill seeker!


Miriam loves Italian cuisine very much, her favorite dish is Lasagne Alla Bolognese, and her favorite restaurant is “Le Due Sicilie,” where you can eat 100% Italian food. Book a table at this place immediately to eat delicious food and make Miriam happy, and she will thank you with the seduction and her great footjob.

Miriam will wear a new dress chosen by you, high heels and will be the most beautiful woman in the restaurant.


Miriam loves the city of Amsterdam and every day explores new historical buildings. Miriam can accompany you in every location and become a real tour guide for every circumstance. Her favorite place is the Vondelpark, a green oasis within the city of Amsterdam where you can meditate and spend time with yourself relaxing and kissing in a very romantic way.


Miriam loves sex because for her she is the maximum emotion, but Miriam only demands the best. The five-star suite of The Arcade hotel is perfect for having sex with Miriam, who might surprise you by getting completely naked in front of your door or wearing only a thong and fur coat. This is the thrill of the unexpected that Miriam adds to sex, and customers love it!

Miriam asks for respect, education, cleanliness and loves Control condoms.

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