About Penelope


Legend has it that Penelope, the beautiful wife of Ulysses, deceived her pretenders by weaving a canvas by day, and destroying it at night, so as never to end it. Penelope acted like that because she did not want to marry anyone and wait for Ulysses.

Our young escort Penelope does not create any canvas and does not destroy it at night because she does not need to wait for someone, because Penelope only has to snap her finger to have hundreds of men ready for anything to get a minute of her time.

Penelope is young, a gorgeous brunette, 21 years of experience, energy and desire to have sex ready to go wild on you.

The beautiful Penelope has an incredible body and loves to receive presents and congratulations. Her best gift is money or a diamond, a dress or a new pair of shoes. Penelope loves compliments, and she gets very excited when a man is entirely at her mercy. Maybe the young escort has a secret desire to control every man, or she just loves the feeling of power, but Penelope is indeed a perfect mistress, often ruthless with clients, aggressive, she imposes her will every time and all men they understand that Penelope commands the game in the bedroom.

Penelope is not an escort suitable for everyone; she is perfect only for people who are not afraid to risk, to manage a dominatrix and a time bomb.

She is Penelope, different from the other escort, unforgettable and legendary.


Penelope loves to know her customers in an intimate dinner in the best restaurants in Amsterdam. She hates the monotony and for this reason every week dinner in a different restaurant. Our suggestion is to book a table in the restaurant “Zaza’s,” her favorite restaurant in the city.

Penelope will love to receive a gift from you, like a gold bracelet, or new shoes with a stiletto heel, and in return, she will give you love and a beautiful evening.


Penelope loves the city of Amsterdam, the canals, the nightclubs and the atmosphere of constant transgression. Amsterdam is much more interesting if you visit it together with Penelope. With this escort, you can visit Dam Square and experience Amsterdam’s nightlife with the scorching brunette that everyone loves and wants in their bed, and she will be only yours!


The best thing about Penelope is her sex. The beautiful girl loves having sex with all the customers in the best suite of the Hotel Lloyd in Amsterdam, an elegant and refined hotel.

Penelope will protect your privacy using the utmost discretion and her professionalism and will wear your gift for the whole night. Imagine having sex with her while Penelope wears only the high heels or the jewel you gave her.

Exciting, is not it?

So do not waste time, book your one night stand with Penelope immediately!

Maximum cleaning and education are required. Penelope asks for condom use also for oral sex.

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