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Interview Escort Selena

Do you want to have women full of life but also elegance at the same time? She is Selena the charming luxury escort in Amsterdam, a sweet and natural smile, let yourself be caught by her irresistible pleasant, it is susceptible and sensual, and you can found her only in “Girls Companion Amsterdam,” she is also naughty, you can have the excellent time with her. She can go anywhere with you, and it suitable for any event. Her beauty will leave anyone amazed. Her agency made a reservation at her favorite restaurant, “The Seafood Bar.” It was a very relaxing interview.


Selena, I was heard you are an expert in erotic massage. But I’m interesting you can satisfy a client only with massage erotic?”


“Hello Mister, yes, of course, the erotic massage, tantra massage, prostate massage it a good mood to start but also the best way to finish men or women.”


“So tell me more how you start? Tell about the differences between a massage to another.”


“Every time it depends on the client. Not everybody wants a prostate massage, for example. But the more important thing is not to hurry the rest are details it also essential words. Like oil, it helps you to reach the soft body. When I start from the bottom up, I start from the neck, and I finish the soles. I never rush to erotic areas. Desire creates greater pleasure. After I massages got the body, I go to also to erotic regions. The body is more relaxed and more sensitive. Prostatic massage is something different. It stimulates the gland prostate. There are the few who are willing to try, but who does know that by massaging the prostate and penis, it’s a great pleasure.


If I think if you make an appointment with Selena, you will understand better these are things that feel th