Amber escort
Escort Interview Amber

From the first view, I was fascinated by german beauty. Amber has excellent features; these green eyes they could kill you. It’s like a trap; you can’t stay with her without exciting you. It also has o sweet linear face, red checks, a fantastic and elegant feminity. It a girl you can talk to. Her simple present gives you so much confidence. If I want to understand, you need to spend at list one hour with her because it not so much to say, I don’t have what to say, it enough for me her company. I went out to her in “Formosa Argentina” to drink a mojito.

“Hello, Amber, your company is the best one. It was not difficult for you to move to Amsterdam?”

“Hi, no when I came to Amsterdam, three years ago, I was fascinated, I like the freedom to choose, I like the crowd of tourists, you can’t get bored in Amsterdam.”

“Tell me what the men want from you?”


“Men who pay me, looking for sex and my company. They want to be spoiled to fulfill their fantasies. They come to me because they want simplicity, no headache, or sometimes because of loneliness.”


“What are their fantasies?”


“Many of them are married, they don’t want to leave their woman, but they want to get out of the monotony. And that’s why I’m here. I’m new to them, all the time ready for sex, without problems, all the time spontaneous. They are rich people: lawyers or politicians, but they do not have time for them, they can’t relax. Maybe not just work stresses them out, perhaps also the wife’s children and the situation at home.

They see in me an escape. They want to stay with a nice and gorgeous woman who can make them feel special in the ninth haven, and I always try this. They want to feel healthy and I also give them the power and to offer even my grace.

And the idea it can control the situation and make their time how they like it. I let them decide what they want us to do at that time. They like to be open to their fantasies. So, after all, i thinks this is the escort description, right?”

“Amber, you know exactly what men want.”

“Yes, of course, and I can live with all my pleasure my time for their satisfaction.”