Anays Escort
Escort Interview Anays

Anays has a remarkable aura; she can impress any men. Beauty and intelligence blonde can offer you unforgettable moments; it has a positive energy that infects you. I can guarantee that an open one will try anything. She is also praised for her discretion and for being a good listener. When we met at the “Locanda,” I was speechless in front of me appeared, a girl with legs thin and long, with long hair hanging over their shoulder, with eyes that radiate joy only to me, with her thick lips, has firm breasts and also natural.


“I see that you are an open person, tell me what advice do you have for couples who want the third person in bed.”


“Hello, couples must be sure of their relationship, they are many women in general who are jealous for fear that I might be better than them, insecurity is very easy to install at this time. But I’m paid by the time as an escort and after I go. So they don’t have to be afraid of me. The couple should talk and agree on what to do and what not to do before I come. And after everything, this can reinvigorate their relationship.”


“You also do double penetration?”


“It’s a sexual spiciness, probably many have seen it in porn movies, but it’s effortless. I like double penetration, vaginal and anal. It is much easier for me to have such an orgasm and also for my clients because it has a new exciting experience.”



“What advice do you offer to women who want to try double penetration?”


“First of all I think it is advisable to try at home alone, simply to try with the fingers, after it seeing how it feels. First, try with the person who likes and toys. It is much more relaxing for her and him to try first alone in privacy, and the most importing thing is to use a lot of lubricants.”


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