Anemona Escort
Escort Interview Anemona

Do you look for a girlfriend’s date? Anemona is a perfect lady for this, charming, sexy, and with unexpected manners, the blond girl knows what a man wants, what his tastes are. She is a smart woman identifying many business areas. In bed can offer you something that not many women can, a perfect blowjob. I asked the manager where I can find her, and she told me to go to the Sherpa Restaurant. I found her, and she was very friendly and invited me to take dinner with her.


“So, what is the secret to the perfect blowjob?”


“First, I like to know all the exciting areas my partner has; I walk easily with my lips and tongue near his penis. It requires patience to excite a man. It must be a good prelude. After that, you never torment him. If you started doing an oral, you do well. If it’s possible, you start with deepthroat. You don’t have a team to use your hand, and even your eyes can express something.”


“Now, I’m more curious you can develop?”


“Yes, of course, besides the penis, he has some testicles, any man who should not be forgotten. They must be lynched, start from the testicles, and end at the head of the penis. This will make him much more responsive to your touch. When you do this, you have to look exactly in his eyes; you will not intimidate him, let him understand this waa all you want.”


“And how do I end this session? Do many clients want to end blowjob?”


“Many clients only want a blowjob, and they want it to end as they dream. Not many women do that, keep in mind women not escort, many women find it rash or indecent, I don’t understand why I do this to the delight of my clients, I can not understand how they find something disgusting to their life partners. Maybe that’s why many married men come to me, maybe that’s why I’m considered the best because I let my clients finish where they want.”


I can only say that at this interview, I was very excited about the rest you need to see with your eyes.