Ariana Escort
Escort Interview Ariana

Ariana it has a very positive vibe from the first look, you will see an elegant lady with a wide smile. She knows how to take the attitude, and she always gets what she wants. She is a smart woman with high sexual pleasure. It is one of the few escorts that can have squirt and also a multiple orgasms. I was going to eat at Jackets Restaurant, and I found her there, I did not expect, I had the interview scheduled for tomorrow, but the faster it batters.


“Tell me, can you easily reach an orgasm?”


“It’s not easy, and it depends on whether the partner will forget about my needs as well, my pleasure, and even his patience as I look at his pleasure. I know every man excites moans, which I do because of the pleasure I have at the time, only the moment I approach the orgasm I am silent because it distracts me and I can’t reach the climax.”


“Tell me you had clients who were fascinated that you could squirt?”


“Yes, for me, it’s much easier to get to that any woman can do this if she knows her body and goes beyond inhibitions. Many are embarrassed because he does not knows whether he will like the partner or not. That depends on what your relationship is based on, and you have to be open.”



“You think an orgasm is important?”


“Yes, of course, regulates hormones, that’s why it called the brain’s work. To reach an orgasm you have to focus on it, you must feel the pleasure, once you could get that it is effortless to reach multiple orgasms, not many fights with this that he considers not to be necessary, but he cheats to multiple orgasms is a double pleasure.”



That means talking about sexual pleasure. And I’m glad I met such an escort in Amsterdam.