Barbara escort
Escort Interview Barbara

Barbara, the sweet blond lady, without any complaint from the clients, you ask yourself why? I know, I also asked my self why Barbara is so desired. From the first view, I see in her eyes that she can bring to every man, everything he can wish. I saw her sexual appetite in every move, every gesture that he was doing. And not just that, I also see the attitude, her positive way to look at life. You will not even feel the passing time and how it flies, whit a stylish lady like Barbara.

I know Barbara it a luxurious person but classic. I went with her to the museum Van Gogh. Kronwing, she is one of the most valuable escorts from Amsterdam, I couldn’t ask:

“I know you make a valuable amount of money, I will not allow myself to ask how much, but I’m curious and not just me, what are you doing with the money? What you use them for?”


“Firstly, I use them for my properties. Starting with the money invested in me, money with which I help my family, and not just my family, going to the usual things, who have to pay them month by month, also coming to vacations, shopping, travel and other things. I will never spend my money on clubs, drugs, or alcohol. I started with self-esteem, even if we are talking about the sex industry.”


“I saw that to the agency where you work puts a lot of emphasis on education. You can tell me where the educational level you have?”


“I finished university, and I think it helps me a lot now, I was study psychology, and whether you believe or not, I think in principle way this is means being an escort lady. Many clients are disturbed to me, and many need my advice, even the solution. Maybe if I didn’t have these studies, I found it very difficult to help them, and maybe I overcame negative emotions. Somehow in the sex industry, I’m also a psychologist, and I like it. I earn much moreover for much fewer hours.”


“Do you consider yourself an intelligent person?”


“Yes, and believe me that many of my colleagues who were liked the school, many of them were doctors, lawyers, chemists and I consider all the girls they had a hobby, that they have learned, maybe some help also in the sex industry. So to the surprise of many people, not just the help-loving girls work as an escort.”


“Wow, Barbara, I think you offered me information that can change the perception of many people!”


“I’m happy I can help!”