Chantall escort
Escort Interview Chantall

So about the Chantall, it was challenging to take a meeting for an interview with her. And I was not complaining about this. You ask your self why? Hmm, Chantall, it was a bikini model; now it a famous escort in Amsterdam. So after a while, the team from Girls Companion Amsterdam Agency. So I invite her to “Pasta Pasta.” I saw a happy face.

“Hi, pure beauty. How you feel today?”
“Exacting every time after I eat in this restaurant.”
“Chantall, I have a significant curiosity. Why you stop to be a bikini model, and you choose the sex industry? “

“Everybody asks me this question. Yes, I was making a lot of money also in the model industry. But there are only obvious things, and I like more emotional things, not only a routine. So I started as an escort.”

“This is a good answer for me. But I know in Amsterdam the sex industry is legalized, this is better or not for you?”

“It depends, where you work and what standards you have. So for some ladies, this is very difficult because in the first when it was legalized, it was also a big competition. Because some girls started at a lower price, some girls starting to do sex without protection, yes I know it is illegal, but some of these girls it does everything for more money. For me, not a problem, I do not take a lower price; I have my rates, I look for the specific guys. I don’t want to have everybody in my bed or to take my time to make me nervous.”

“I understand for other girls it’s not quite favorable to be legal, but I see in your opinion it ok. You can explain why?”

“Yes, of course. Put this situation, I come out with you, I eat and drink something and after if I go in bed with you it legal, but if you call me without a date like this, and you pay me it illegal. So where is the point to not be legal, I go to a date, and I’m also paid. For this, I loved Amsterdam to the first view.”

“So you were, have any problem with the client? Just tell me one story.”

“Hmmm… I can’t say it happens a lot; sometimes clients maybe it goes deeper, I do not judge, maybe in one hour or one day I offer more than their girlfriends. But I don’t like it when people forget my time; it does not give my heart. I only give pleasure, understanding, and fun moments. So I think this is something that bothers me. Also, every time I tell the agency this, and it resolves the problem.”

“Oh, Chantell, I hope you will not meet an obsessed man.”
“I don’t. I keep myself safe. I stop to see clients to the first sign. I prefer not to go disappointed. I also keep the private life for me, and professional life for you!”

“Thank you, Chantell. It was a pleasure to meet you and to see your real answer. I hope to see you again.”