Claudia Escort
Escort Interview Claudia

Claudia, I can only say a few words, she has the perfect body, sporty and slim, she just wants to look better for herself. Claudia is a fitness model, always full of energy, because it has a healthy lifestyle. Simultaneously she is also a stylish escort witch you can spend some exciting hours. The blonde girl can seduce you with her humor, you only need a few moments, and you will never forget her.

We went for a walk to Vondelpark, and I started:


“Hi, Claudia, what it the best part about being an escort?”


“Probably the fact I felt alone before to start as an escort, more alone then my clients. But when I start as an escort, I had parted, and I still have a lot of adventures, there is a lot of pleasure and enjoyment an amazing life. I only work with the appointments, and that make my time for my hobby, to go to the gym, this is important to me.”


“Which is the worst part of working in the sex industry?”


“The worst part is about to hide, and now there is a moment when I feel alone because I need to lie to my family and to make me worry that they will find out. Just for bad jokes which are said about lady’s who work in the sex industry. Even if I’m a high-class escort and are several categories in this industry, they speak just as ugly.”


“What do you think about single men calling to escort?”


“Many of my single clients, they are insecure and without inexperienced. But I like them because they have good sense and respect. They are willing to let go of my hand and to satisfy them. I work a lot of domination. I like to domine, but only costumers who want. I can also be romantic and attentive.”


“Since you working like Escort lady, you changed your mind about men?”


“Yes, it is hard for me to believe that any men can be loyal, but I can understand them. I learned to see from both sides. I can say even three parts. As an escort, I went through good and bad parts. But I learned a lot about people and even about myself.”


“Claudia, thank you for this rude. I’m happy I meet you, and that you helped me with the interview.”


“I’m happy I can help.”