Clarice escort
Escort Interview Clarice

When I see Clarice, I had only one impulsive thing “she is the women from my dreams” she is the first-class escort in Amsterdam, now I know why. It very appealing, delightful and fascinating girl. When she starts a conversation with you, you’ll see a friendly mode of communicating. She has a natural and sexy figured and also the body one is from dreams. The blond girl is funny will offer you the most beautiful moments.

I took Clarice to a Chao Kuai drink, and I start my interview:

“Hello, Clarice, I’m glad you accepted my invitation.”

“Hi, it was difficult to refuse you, when you bribed me with a Chao Kuai.”

“So Clarice you look like an open mind girl. But I start softly. What clothes do you think it’s more attractive to men?”

“Hmm… I think in the head of the man if you are more casual you look more innocent and this offers more confidence. I like to turn out that any girl who goes to a date or a cocktail party. I consider that men intimidate their thinking, that a woman has more sexual activity. From that, at first sight, I look like a teenager, but below elegant clothes which can be seen, I wear the most attractive lingerie, one the most chosen, so that it can excite anyone.”

“What do you think men want to hear?”

“Most of the men who come to me are insecure. Because of that, I need to work more, through communicative, I see something good in every man anyway, but I have to do them to be satisfied with who they are. Most are satisfied when I tell them how great it in the bad and how satisfied I’m. Then they feel like they have the right Escort in their bad. Everything they want to hear, it’s how petty, how gifted, beautiful they are. After this, they will pass more confident in the world.”


“Did they ask you for crazy things?”

” A lot of guys need more affection and attention than kinky stuff. Most of them want a blowjob and normal sex, only because this home has become very rare. Many respect the escort girl very much and become very protective, it looked after her satisfaction, because by making her feel good the women will make them feel good too.”

“Clarice, I’m happy you exist, you can make so many, happy men. I wish you never change because you are the perfect escort.”

“You make me blush, thanks for the opportunity to speak honestly about my job.”